Provider Information Group Plan SolutionsGroup Plan Solutions understands there are many different carriers that you work with in regard to claim processing.

Using our online tools below, you can verify necessary PPO status and pre-approval/prior authorization information. Detailed information concerning claim status, coverage policies, and more is just a simple click away.

Please don’t hesitate to contact a Group Plan Solutions representative for assistance with any claim filing questions you might have. Call
888-301-0747 or email.


Click the link below for online benefit access.

File a Claim

To help expedite your claim, it is always best to file based on the information provided on the back of your patient’s ID card. Not all claims for members of GPS are filed to the same address. Not filing according to the unique instructions on each individual patient’s ID card could result in delayed claim handling.

Please contact GPS for filing assistance at 888-301-0747.

Claim Status

We want to give you immediate access to your patient’s Group Plan Solutions claim history to assist with simplifying the insurance process for our members.

To access your patient’s claims through WEBeci, you will need to have an account created for your office. Once you reach the login screen, by clicking the WEBeci link, you will see a Provider Access Request at the bottom of the screen. You will be notified once your account is activated.

WEBeci allows you to review online a patient’s claim history, check the
real-time status of a claim, obtain all the same information you would find on an EOB, as well as confirm eligibility.

Feel free to contact the Claim Department with any questions you may have at 888-301-0747 or email.

*GPS has contracted with Eldorado Computing, Inc., to provide WEBeci access.

We want our members to get the most from their employers’ health plans. Choosing the correct in-network provider will help them get the highest level of benefit and you the highest level of reimbursement under the plan.