Find a Provider

We want you to get the most from your health benefits. Choosing the correct in-network provider will assure that you get the highest level of benefit under your plan.

Click on the Find a Provider button below to view the different networks GPS utilizes. Be certain to reference your ID card to determine your correct network. Only the network shown on your card can be accessed at the in-network rate. If you are unsure of your network, please call GPS to confirm your network at 888-301-0747. Failure to use the correct network will greatly reduce your benefits.

Claim Inquiry

When you have medical claims, keeping track of all of your bills and claim payments can be overwhelming. To help track your claims, we provide 24-hour online access to claim information. You can review all of your claims that have been filed under your Group Plan Solutions Medical and Dental Plans, or Flexible Spending Plans for medical or dependent care.

Feel free to contact the Claim Department with any questions you may have at 888-301-0747 or email.

Prescription Info

For information on Prescription Benefit Managers, please click the link below.