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Group Plan Solutions has the expertise and experience to effectively and efficiently guide the administration of your employees’ benefit claims for their health plans. With a commitment to settling health care plan claims quickly and easily, you can be assured that your employees’ health care benefit claims will be taken care of professionally and with the highest level of service possible.

If you would like to learn more about Group Plan Solutions or are ready to submit a request for a proposal, please contact us at 888-301-0747 or by email.

We will be happy to assist you and discuss the information we will need to get you the most accurate quote.

The key components we will need first include:

  • Full contact information for the person who will be filing the Request for Quote.
  • Full contact information for the company the quote is being requested for.
  • Proposed plan effective date.
  • The number of eligible employees.

Once you contact us, we can promptly provide you with a full questionnaire and what we will need for the quoting process. We will also discuss the pertinent reports and documentation that will need to be included with the completed questionnaire.

Claim Inquiry

When your employees have medical claims, keeping track of all of their bills and claim payments can be overwhelming. To help them track claims, we provide 24-hour online access to claim information. They can review all of the claims that have been filed under their Group Plan Solutions Medical and Dental Plans, or Flexible Spending Plans for medical or dependent care.

Feel free to contact the Claim Department with any questions you may have at 888-301-0747 or email.

Prescription Info

For information on Prescription Benefit Managers, please click the link below.

To request a new ID card, click on the link below.

Making sure your employees are choosing the correct In-Network Provider will help them get the highest level of benefits under your plan.

Click on the Find a Provider button below to view the different networks GPS offers. Not all networks are available in all areas. Be certain to reference your summary plan document to determine your correct network. Only the network you chose can be accessed at the In-Network rate. If you are unsure of your network, please call us to confirm your network at 888-301-0747. Failure to use the correct network will greatly reduce your employees’ benefits.

Focus your valuable time and attention on your business, and let us provide you with the protection and peace of mind that come with administering COBRA for your employees.

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